Associations and Franchises

Master Policy Program highlights

ProAssurance Mid‐Continent’s Master Policy Program is for large association and franchise clients whose members have similar needs and procedures. Policyholders can benefit from our specialized program written on a master policy—with an overall aggregate for the entire group and individual limits specified by endorsement for each member or location.

Take advantage of this opportunity to provide a product most associations and franchises are seeking. Benefits include:

  • Customized coverage in one product tailored to meet the entity’s needs
  • Specialized pricing and policy options
  • Simple administration with a high renewal rate
  • Availability in most of our classes and territories
  • Non-compete options
  • Group endorsements

We also offer exclusivity. We will not compete for a Master Policy Program in the same class and territory. For example, if you establish a Master Policy Program with us for a statewide assisted living association or franchise, we will not create the same for a similar group.

For over 10 years, associations and franchise groups have benefited from this program. Home healthcare associations for example—with a large national footprint—can create a structured platform to make decisions under a commercial umbrella for training and business purposes. An individual hired as a nurse’s aide in one state will be covered under the same policy as employees from other states within the franchise. The organization will have a pro-rated premium policy for ease of doing business during renewal.

For more information about ProAssurance Mid‐Continent’s Master Policy Program, please contact our National Sales Manager, Jason Esparza, at, or call 832.498.5961. Thank you for your business.